After meeting your guide and getting outfitted for your adventure, guests climb aboard the 4 wheel drive truck for the quick ride up the mountain to the base of the routes. This ride passes through the heart of the summer time ski area, with fantastic views of forests, cliffs and creeks. 10 minutes later, it’s time to start climbing! A quick walk takes us to the start of the Tahoe Via Ferrata, which begins steeply right from the start. To aid adventurers up this section and others above, steel rungs have been installed at key location. Once atop this first steep section, a beautiful traversing trail leads across granite ledges to the start of the main routes.

Route #1

Perched high up on the mountain, the start of (route 1) climbs up through steepening terrain, slowly getting more and more exposed. After a short, steep section, the route weaves back and forth among granite towers along an exposed ridge. Progressing further up the face, the exposure is thrilling and climbers can actually see people inside the Squaw Valley tram, which passes just to the right of the route. Nearing the top of the Tram Face, guests will find themselves once again scrambling along a wild, narrow ridge. To top off the climb, a final span must be crossed, which ends on a tiny, “Island in the sky”.

Route #2

Starting next to (route 1), this route ventures up and leftwards, towards a series of slabs and ledges. After navigating the lower slabs, a narrow “chimney” is encountered, where guests must work though the small cleft and use hands and feet in creative ways to make it through! Then the route travels into a section of vivid pink granite, around a corner and to the edge of a large gap. You must cross a 50’ “Monkey Bridge”, using only a cable for your feet and a cable for your hands. This bridge is wild and is sure to be a highlight of the day! After the crossing, the route takes on a different vibe. Winding up a steep wall, we find ourselves on an exposed, narrow ridge that soars all the way to the top of Tram Face. The route joins (route 1) at a final span, which ends on a tiny “Island in the Sky”.

Final ridge/ Descent

From the Island in the Sky, we work our way across the towering “Gendarmes” that guard the route to the finish. This ridge path brings the team across the upper reaches of “Tram Chute” and soon we find ourselves at the conclusion of the Via Ferrata climbing, directly under Tram tower 1. From here, we wind our way along the ridge on a wide path, with stunning views of both Shirley canyon to the north as well as KT-22 and other peaks to the south. This descent brings us back down to near where we started, and we hop back into the vehicle for the quick ride back to the village.