Before Your Climb


Step 1: Book your tour

Web: At least 24hr in advance at
Call: The office 877-873-5376
Stop by: We often have day-of tours with extra room for 1 or 2 more

Step 2: What to Wear on the Via Ferrata


Wear a short or long sleeve shirt, depending on the day’s temperature. A lightweight long-sleeve layer offers great protection from the powerful sun. Additionally, check the wind forecast for the day and consider bringing a layer to protect against wind.


We recommend wearing something comfortable such as outdoor pants or shorts. Running shorts or leggings are also great options. Remember, you’ll be wearing a climbing harness the whole time, so medium or long length shorts are typically more comfortable than short shorts.


Plan to wear sturdy closed-toe and lace-up shoes, such as a hiking or approach shoe. Running shoes are acceptable, but be sure that the sole is fairly stiff with good tread so you are comfortable climbing on metal ladder rungs and scrambling on rocks. We do not recommend skate shoes. If you don’t have the proper footwear or you want to try out a pair of our preferred via ferrata shoes, rent a pair of La Sportiva TX4’s for $10/day.


We recommend gloves when climbing the Tahoe Via Ferrata. They provide comfort when holding onto the cable and protect your hands from the sometime abrasive rock. If you do not have gloves, we sell gloves for $3/pair at check-in.

Small Backpack

Bring a small backpack with the same essentials that you would pack for a short hike, including additional layers (see above under Tops). Remember a water bottle (reusable please!) and a couple of snacks. There are plenty of great vistas on the Tahoe Via that are perfect for a snack break! In the California sun, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must. Toss in a light jacket or sweatshirt into the pack in case it gets breezy on the climb. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, so we want to be prepared for anything. All the safety gear you’ll need – a helmet, harness, and a great guide, will be provided.




On the Day of Your Tour

Step 1: Check-in

First stop, Front Desk

The Tahoe Via Ferrata begins at our booth in Tram Plaza in the Village at Palisades Tahoe. Come say hello at the front desk! We’ll answer any last-minute questions you have and then direct you to sign a liability waiver (minors under 18 must have parent or guardian sign a waiver for them. Contact the office to arrange signing in advance if necessary).


Please arrive promptly at your scheduled start time, there’s no need to come early since we’ve built-in extra time to get geared up. Be aware that if you are more than 15 minutes late, you will miss your ride to the base of the climb and forfeit your spot on the tour.

Step 2: Get Ready

Meet your guide

You’ll be introduced to one of our fantastic team members. All via ferrata guides have completed professional training through the American Mountain Guide Association, and have attended extensive in-house training led by Alpenglow Expeditions Lead Guide Logan Talbott, AMGA/IFMGA mountain guide.

Gear up!

Climbers are issued a rental harness, lanyard, and helmet (cost of safety gear is already included in the cost of the tour.) Your guide will help you with a proper fit and show you basic safety features of each item. If you don’t have the proper footwear or you want to try out a pair of our preferred via ferrata shoes, rent a pair of La Sportiva TX4’s for $10/day. You can also purchase gloves, recommended but not required, for $3 at our booth.

Safety talk

Once we’re geared up, your guide will brief you and your group on basic expectations for the day and safety protocol.

One last bathroom break

Last chance for a real bathroom.

Step 3: Let’s get climbing!

Catch a ride to the base of the climb

As soon as everyone is geared up, the group loads into one of our 4×4 shuttles and heads up the mountain. We’ll pass through the heart of the Palisades Tahoe ski area while enjoying fantastic views of the valley, forests, cliffs, and creeks. After a ten-minute drive, a short walk brings us to the base of the Tahoe Via Ferrata.


All routes begin on the Flamingo Buttress. This is a great warm-up climb. If any participants need to stop climbing for any reason, there is a shortcut back to the starting point and your guide can help facilitate your exit. From the top of the Flamingo Buttress, you’ll keep climbing toward “The Loophole” or “Great Escape.” This medium loop or short loop brings you back to the start point, where you’ll get picked up in the 4×4 and head back to the office.

4-hr tours typically have enough time to try for an “up and over” route. Your group can attempt “The “Sundial” or “The Skyline” routes to the top of Tram Face. If you make it to the top of Tram Face, plan for a 30-minute hike back to main road where you’ll catch a ride in our 4×4 back to the office.


The open-safari vehicle known as "The Beast" used to transport Via Ferrata climbersadrian ballinger on the monkey in the middle bridge on the Tahoe Via FerrataFamily friendly activity rock climbing the Via Ferrata