Being up before the sun rises is not a usual occurrence for most, but when you make it happen, it never disappoints.

It is well-known that the Tahoe Via Ferrata is an epic Lake Tahoe attraction. The Tahoe Via Ferrata by Alpenglow Expeditions is one of the North Lake Tahoe activities that offers both climbing and hiking for people of all ages and skill levels. The Tahoe Via is a family friendly activity that offers an awesome adventure and unforgettable views.

While Tahoe Via operations don’t regularly start until well after the sun has risen, some staff got the chance to get out on the Via the other morning, just in time for a spectacular Tahoe Sunrise.

The Tahoe Via Ferrata has some of Squaw Valley’s most incredible views, and as the sun slowly rises over the horizon to shed light on the mountains, the valley begins to rise. High up on the Via Ferrata, climbers can see cars driving in and out of the valley, residents headed out on their morning run, all as the birds of the valley wake up and begin to chirp.

Although getting up can be hard, the colors of the sky and the morning light make the early morning well worth it! Not to mention, the fog resting on the floor of the valley reflects a glisten similar to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Whatever the activity, rising before the sun, and finding a beautiful vista to watch the Alpenglow. Alpenglow can be defined as a reddish flow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains. It is personally our favorite time of day which is why we are proud to call ourselves Alpenglow Expeditions. Come chase the sun with us and book your adventure at