To date, the 2018-19 winter season has brought 682” of snow to the upper elevations at Squaw Valley, home of the Tahoe Via Ferrata. While this incredible winter was more than welcomed by skiers and riders, it has buried the Tahoe Via Ferrata. Fortunately, the southern exposure of the Skyline Traverse and eastern exposure of the Sundial Arête should allow for the routes to melt out fast and, as soon as conditions allow, Tahoe Via guides be getting out on the Via Ferrata! Our first order of business is re-installing sections of cable that were removed for winter and digging out patches of remaining snow. We’ll need to clear the face, as well as the hiking trails of all snow. While we’re eager to begin our summer of Via climbing, safe conditions are a priority as we look to set an opening day.

Another impact to our operations caused by this winters snow is our ability to drive The Beast to the base of the Via Ferrata. Squaw Valley controls access to the mountain road, and safe driving conditions are paramount. Fortunately, the beautiful hiking trails at Squaw Valley allow us to access the base of the Via Ferrata on foot, adding to the day’s adventures! We anticipate a few weeks of hiking to the base of the Via Ferrata before we’re able to take groups up in The Beast.

While the intense storms of this past winter have delayed our Via opening, we are taking reservations beginning May 22, and should have no problem getting up on the Via around that time! We will adjust our opening slightly as needed, based on weather and conditions, but are optimistic that climbing conditions will be optimal in mid-May. Get ready to ski all morning and climb the Via after lunch!