Located in Squaw Valley, the Tahoe Via Ferrata offers a fun climbing experience for all ages and skill levels. Your experience on the Tahoe Via Ferrata is unlike anything else here in Lake Tahoe. With that said, climbers should always come prepared with a few essentials.


The Tahoe Via Ferrata experience starts in the Alpenglow Expeditions office in Squaw Valley. We advise our clients to come dressed in a short or long sleeve shirt, depending on the day’s temperature. A lightweight long sleeve layer offers great protection from the powerful sun. For bottoms, we recommend wearing something comfortable such as outdoor pants or shorts. Running shorts or leggings are also great options. Just remember, in the summer it can get warm.

For footwear, it is most important to have shoes that are closed-toe and lace-up. Climbers should wear a hiking shoe or approach shoe. Running shoes can also work, but it is best to have shoes that are comfortable with a sole that grips. We also offer La Sportiva TX4’s rentals in the office if needed. They are comfortable and have a great sticky-rubber sole that grips well for only $10/day!

The Via Ferrata Adventure is a four-hour experience so we suggest bringing a backpack with a few extras. Water and food will be the most important thing in your pack. With more than 2-hours of climbing, there are plenty of great spots for a snack break! We also suggest bringing sunscreen and sunglasses because the sun is strong during these summer months as well as a light layer for breezy afternoons.

All other gear for the Via Ferrata is provided for your adventure. This includes a helmet, harness, gloves and a great guide. If you have everything discussed here, you’ll be ready to get out there and crush the via!