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Why Fall is the Best Time to Climb the Tahoe Via

Written by Robert Kyte

Now in our fifth season, the Tahoe Via Ferrata has quickly become a must-do adventure in the greater Lake Tahoe area. We’re incredibly proud to say that we are steadily attracting thousands of climbers from all over the world eager to add the Tahoe Via to their tick list. But here’s the thing: most of those climbers are making their ascent on Tram Face during the summer months, when kids are out of school and families can more easily take off work to make the journey. Plus, it’s no secret that Tahoe summers can be sweltering. As such, here’s why we think Fall is the perfect time for you and your crew to visit Alpenglow Expeditions and climb the Tahoe Via Ferrata. 


1. Experience the feeling of having the mountain to yourself

While we’re incredibly stoked to have so many aspirant adventurers climb with us during the summer, the late season sees far less traffic on the Tahoe Via. While our guides are prepared to account for a high volume of people on the route during peak months, climbing in the Fall means that climbers often experience the feeling of having the mountain to themselves. High up on Tram Face, scrambling over the varied terrain with only your guide and your crew in sight induces the feeling of blissful isolation more often sought after on more remote and technical hikes and climbs. Fall climbing on the Via is the best time to make your adventure your own. 


2. Cooler temperatures means more flexibility in your schedule

In the summer, it’s common for our morning slots to fill up quickly, as climbers are eager to get out early in order to avoid the blistering afternoon sun. In the Fall, temperatures tend to mellow out into the 60s and 70s, making for perfect climbing conditions any time of day. Gentle sun rays and a persistent Fall breeze that grace the granite towers of Tram Face create experiences on the Via in September and October nothing short of sublime. While summer climbing is often best experienced in early mornings and late afternoons, amicable weather patterns allow for great climbing virtually any time of day. 


3. Events in the Palisades Tahoe Village 

Looking for your next adventure post-climb? Climbers need look no further than right here in the Palisades Tahoe Village. With upcoming events like the Made in Tahoe festival, a collective artists’ and makers’ event for local Tahoe artisans to showcase and sell their work, climbers on the Tahoe Via can look forward to relaxing and unwinding in the Village after descending the mountain. Palisades Tahoe boasts an array of restaurants, shops, and events to get us through the shoulder season before skiing begins in earnest for the Winter. 


Climb the Tahoe Via This Fall!

Looking for a Fall activity in Lake Tahoe? Do cooler temperatures, flexible schedules, and personalized, unique climbing experiences sound like something you’d be interested in? There are lots of ways to book your adventure on the Tahoe Via Ferrata! Head to to book online, give our office a call at 877 873 5376, or come see us at our booth in the Village, located in the Plaza directly across from the Aerial Tram. Gather your crew and come climb with us!