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Why is Tahoe Via a Great Fall Activity in Tahoe?


It’s that peculiar time in Tahoe past Labor Day when everyone seems to be worried about the “end of summer.” There’s a frenzy to squeeze in one more beach day at Donner Lake or one more mountain bike ride on the Flume Trail. But here at the Tahoe Via, we’re kind of wondering what everyone is getting so worked up about. After all, autumn is tied with spring and summer as our second favorite season (of course, winter is our first love!) September and October are prime for a good time: the Tahoe crowds dwindle, temps are pleasant, and the days are still long enough to fit in a solid day of adventuring.

So cast your autumn-dread aside, and we’ll show you how to maximize the current season in Tahoe! Without further adieu, here are 6 great things about climbing the Tahoe Via in the Fall.

1. Catch a Sweet $99 deal

This autumn, until the snow begins to fall, we’re offing a mid-week special, with half-day tours costing just $99 per climber. Sign up for a morning or afternoon session, Monday through Friday, and use the code “ViaStoke” at checkout for this special offer.

2. View Some Fantastic Foliage

The @TahoeVia is hands down the best vantage point to survey the gorgeous fall foliage of Squaw Valley. When the temperatures start to dip, that’s when we’ll start to see the golden yellows and red-orange hues of the autumn leaves. The bright willow trees and aspens really pop against the deep green fir and pine trees. Come out and see Squaw Valley transform into a colorful mountainscape this fall.


3. Take Advantage of Ideal Climbing Temps

September and October mean comfortable climbing temps on the Tahoe Via. We can’t get enough of the cool mornings and pleasant temps all day. Pack some layers in your backpack so you are prepared for the changing elements. You can get your heart pumping by gaining elevation on the Tahoe Via and still stay cool thanks to the autumn breeze whipping through the mountains. Bring on Rock-tober!


4. Autumn is Quiet Time in Tahoe

Fall always means less people in Tahoe, and we love being able to plan our adventures more freely. If you’re lucky, sometimes it can feel like you have the whole mountain to yourself. Hot tip- Try booking a midweek afternoon session for your best chance at a quiet climbing session.


5. A Great Alternative to Swimming

When it gets too cold to go for a swim in the lake, that means it’s time to start hiking! Get your cardio going and gain close to a vertical mile on the Tahoe Via. You can still enjoy the view of Lake Tahoe from the hike off the top of the Via, even if you’re not swimming in it. When Squaw’s Aerial Tram closes for the season, you can still get up high and catch a beautiful panorama of Squaw Valley from the route.


6. Plan Your Perfect Fall Family Day

When kids go back to school, the weekends are precious for squeezing in family time. A 4-hour tour is the perfect way to spend quality time together- team building, working on good communication, and helping each other through challenging sections of the climb. For a perfect family day in Tahoe, we recommend grabbing spots in the 8:45 am session on the Tahoe Via, then after climbing, head to Fireside Pizza in the Village for a celebratory post-climb pie. Next, hop on the Truckee River Bike Path along 89 and bike to Lake Tahoe.


Book a Half Day Via Adventure

For more information about Via Ferrata at Squaw Valley or Rock Climbing at Donner Summit, or any of our other international expeditions, check out our website. For any questions, call our office at 877-873-5376 or send us an email We hope to climb with you soon!