Sunrise on the Tahoe Via

Being up before the sun rises is not a usual occurrence for most, but when… Read More

What to Wear on the Tahoe Via Ferrata

Your experience on the Tahoe Via Ferrata is unlike anything else here in Lake Tahoe. With that said, climbers should always come prepared with a few essentials. Read More

What to Expect: A Day on the Tahoe Via Ferrata

A day on the Tahoe Via Ferrata begins and ends at our offices in the Village at Squaw Valley. You'll arrive at your scheduled start time (book online) to grab a few pieces of gear and meet your climbing guide. Read More

Opening Day Is Just Around the Corner!

Via Ferrata, Squaw Valley’s newest outdoor adventure, will be officially open for the Summer of… Read More

Countdown to Opening Day: Tahoe Via Ferrata

To date, the 2018-19 winter season has brought 682” of snow to the upper elevations at Squaw Valley, home of the Tahoe Via Ferrata. While this incredible winter was more than welcomed by skiers and riders, it has buried the Tahoe Via Ferrata. Fortunately, the southern exposure of the Skyline Traverse and eastern exposure of the Sundial Arête should allow for the routes to melt out fast and, as soon as conditions allow, Tahoe Via guides be getting out on the Via Ferrata! Read More