Written by Isaac Laredo

Are you looking for a new way to experience the Tahoe area with your family?

The Tahoe VIA provides the perfect opportunity to experience one of the region’s most iconic pieces of granite with friends and family.


Family Bonding and Team Building

The Tahoe Via Provides the perfect opportunity to provide long-lasting family memories and bring the family closer together due to its terrain variety. There are unique and scenic flat sections for great conversation and Airy bridges where families often cheer each other on and support one another throughout the experience. It’s sure to be a lifetime experience for you and your family and is sure to come up at the dinner table down the road.

Route Options

The Tahoe Via offers multiple route options to best fit the needs of your family. For those wanting to go to the top of the tram face and experience the entirety of the route, we offer a 4-hour tour. If you want to experience a Via Ferrata then the 2 or 3-hour tour. Whichever time tour option you decide on, one of our amga trained guides will pick the best route for you and your family.

Continuous lifeline

The Continuous lifeline system is a cutting-edge innovation within the Via Ferrata Realm. The system provides an unparalleled margin of safety and quality of

movement. Ultimately, this increases the safety and enjoyment of the experience for your family and provides peace of mind that your family is attached to the cable no questions asked.

AMGA Trained Guides

To increase the margin of safety and the quality of experience, all of our guides have been trained by the AMGA. Our guides are prepared and eager to use their specialized skills to help you have a memorable and safe family outing.

Smiling climbers on the Tahoe Via FerrataBring the Whole Family

One of the best parts of the Tahoe Via

is that you can experience it with the whole family. Each tour can have up to six people with one guide. If you have a larger family or want to bring the extended family we can easily accommodate larger groups by adding an additional guide.

The Tahoe Via is the first time families can make life-long memories interacting with the steep and storied Tram Face. We hope to see you and your family soon for an unforgettable experience.