Why is Tahoe Via a Great Fall Activity in Tahoe?

   It’s that peculiar time in Tahoe past Labor Day when everyone seems to be… Read More

How do Tahoe Via Ferrata Guides Manage Inherent Risk?

As guides, we are often asked the question, “Is this safe?” And, if we were to give you the short answer, it would be “NOPE!” because pretty much everything fun is at least a little dangerous. Read More

The Inside Scoop on Via Ferrata with Braden Mayfield

Opening week of Via Ferrata was a total whirlwind and energy is running high at our home base in Squaw Valley. We had a big turnout of locals and visitors alike, with everyone from young kids to grandparents out scrambling on the rocks. We caught up with guide Braden Mayfield in between guiding sessions and asked him a couple of questions about his experience so far. Read More